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 NOTE: REGISTERED USERS of 100sounds, 100birds, 100animals, please visit NoTie.NET
Applies to 100sounds, 100animals, & 100birds!
  1. DRAG FAVORITES TO THE TOP (in EDIT mode, drag 3 horizontal lines next to each sound) & hide others for a custom soundboard with 100's of sounds in the order you want using our easy, familiar interface!
  2. LOOP, DELAY & SHAKE-TO-PLAY (set shake settings on (i) info page)!
  3. Make sure your iPhone's Ringer switch (above the volume buttons) is NOT on MUTE!

Applies to 100sounds, 100birds & 100animals!

While 100sounds is a great soundboard sound FX app, a common request has been to use sounds as ringtones & alarm tones.

We aim to please, so now you can get 100's of ringtones... at no extra charge! You can have a different ringtone for every day of the year! We also added dozens of musical clips (classical, jazz, country, rock) that make great ringtones! Let us know of any additional sounds or ringtones you would like. Please understand that we cannot use copyright-protected sounds.

Everyday, 100's of users are successfully receiving 100's of ringtones this way. If for ANY reason you can't, PLEASE EMAIL US but this process works if you follow these directions:

  1. Run 100sounds & press the (i) button to see the information page
  2. Press the rectangular button to launch our website. YOU MUST USE THIS BUTTON ON YOUR iPhone!
    It will not work if you just type our web address!
    Ringtone Button - Must press from within the app on information page!
  3. Enter your email address, agree to use ringtones for personal use and press REGISTER FOR RINGTONES.
  4. YOU ARE ALMOST DONE! NEXT, CHOOSE WHICHEVER METHOD YOU FIND EASIER: You can continue using your iPhone to select ringtones to be emailed to you, or better yet, ON YOUR MAC OR PC, visit and click on RINGTONES FOR REGISTERED USERS to download 100's of ringtones directly into iTunes for syncing with your iPhone!

    If you prefer to use the iPhone to have ringtones emailed to you, you can SELECT ZIP COLLECTIONS which are zipfiles with dozens of ringtones, organized by category (Animals, Classical Music, Nature, etc.) up to 5 megabytes each, so you can have HUNDREDS of ringtones, in just a few emails, and you only type your email address ONCE!

  1. Read the email(s) from No Tie Software
  2. Save the attached ringtone files to your Documents directory. If you don't save it, but just 'double click' on the attachment, it will open but iTunes may not save it permanently, so it won't sync.
  3. Open the ringtone files in iTunes (double click on the files or drag them into iTunes)
  4. Sync your iPhone. Change your default ringtone in Settings -> Sounds. Assign individual ringtones to each friend in your Contacts!
We love your suggestions... In fact, based on user requests, we added over 100 more sounds plus ringtone functionality! If you have ANY problems, PLEASE EMAIL US.

We have a database of 10,000+ sounds! The hard part is deciding which to include! If you don't see a sound effect and you would like us to include it in the next free update, please request it!

Note we have still been able to keep the app small so you don't have to worry about storage and it can be downloaded wirelessly, i.e. about the size of a couple of songs! Here are some of the sounds in the current version. Please note that we cannot use sounds restricted by copyright.

Sounds included in Soundboard Apps from No Tie Software

Remember, you can rearrange sounds by dragging up or down on the three horizontal lines next to each sound, in EDIT mode!


NOTE: All of these 100's of sounds, PLUS DOZENS OF ADDITIONAL MUSICAL TUNES are available as ringtones at no extra charge! Follow the directions at

Ahem Air Raid Airplane Alarm Bell Alarm Clock Angel Chimes Arc Welder Baby Cooing Baby Cry Baby Laugh Baby Whine Bacon Banjo String Banjo Tune Bark Beep Bells Bicycle Horn Big Ben Big Burp Blowtorch Blues Twang Boing Bomb Bomber Bong Bongo Booing Bowling Bubbles Bugle Burp Camera Cannon Cannons Car Horn Car Peeling Out Car Starting Caribbean Cartoon Run Cash Register Cello Cessna Chainsaw Charge Cheering Chicken Chimes Choir Circus Clapping Coins Correct Coughing Cowbell Crash Creaky Door Cricket Cuckoo Cymbal Tune Cymbals Daddy Darn Dentist Drill Ding Dong Dinner Bell Ditty Donkey Doorbell Down Draining Drill Drum Dance Drumroll Duck Dude Elephant Euro Siren Evil Laugh Evil Excellent Excuse Me Fabulous Fanfare Fart Long Fart Fax Machine Fight Bell Fighter Jet Finch Fire Engine Flush Fog Horn Fore Frog Future Shock Gas Station Gavel Ghost Glass Breaking Goaaal Goat Gong Good Evening Good Job Good Goodbye Great Gremlin Guitar Loop Gunshot Hair Dryer Hallelujah Hammer Heart Monitor Heartbeat Fast Heartbeat Normal HeeYa Helicopter Hi Hat Hiccup Hit Baseball Hole In One Horse Horserace Huge Burp Huh Ice Cubes Idle Engine Jackhammer Jaw Harp Jazzy Jet Joy To The World Jungle Kiss Kisses Knock Knocking Laser Shot Laser Laugh Track Laughing Lawnmower Lion Machine Gun Marvelous Maybe Meow Metalwork Miami Tune Modem Connect Modem Dial Mommy Monkeys Monster Moo Narnia Neener News Intro No Noo Nyuck Nyuck Ocean Oh My God Oh Okay Old Horn Old Phone Ring One Small Step Organ Tune Organ Oscillator Ouch Ow Phantom Scream Phone Beep Phone Busy Phone Dialed Phone Dialtone Phone Error Phone OffHook Phone Ring Piano Pig Ping Pong Police Siren Polite Applause Pop Popping Cork Pouring Liquid Power Chime Power Tool Printer Racecar Rain Rainforest Rap Intro Raspberry Ratatat Rattlesnake Red Alert Referree Reveille Reverse Ricochet Right Rimshot Rock Loop Rock Track Rooster Rotary Dial Sandstorm Saw Scale Schoolbell Scream Aaah Scream Sea Lion Shaving Sheep Shhh Shower Sitar Sitars Slam Slap Small Bell Sneeze Snore Socket Wrench Sonar Sorry Splash Splat Sportscar Stapler Starting Car Starting Engine Starting Flooded Stop Studebaker Submarine Alarm Submarine Alert Swing Swipe Take Off Teapot Tech Whistle Thunderstorm Ticking Clock Toothbrush Traffic Train Transporter Truck Horn Trudging Trumpet Turnstile Two Bits Typewriter Typing UFO Up Down Up Velcro Vibrate Victory Wah Wah Waah Wasp Waterfall Werewolf Whale What Time What Whee Whip Whir Whistle Dog Whistle White Noise Whizzer Why Wind Wolves Woodpecker Woop Wow Wowwww Wrong Yawn Yes Yess Yodel Yoohoo Yuck Zap Zipper Zippy Zoom Splat Zoom Zoop


NOTE: All of these 200 birdsounds are also available as ringtones at no extra charge! Follow the directions at

AcadianFlycatcher AlderFlycatcher AltaMiraOriole AmazonianPygmyOwl AmericanCrow AmericanGoldfinch AmericanOystercatcher AmericanRedstart AmericanRobin AmericanRobins BaltimoreOriole BarnOwl BayBreastedWarbler BeardedBellbird BellsVireo BeltedKingfisher BewicksWren BirdCall BirdCall1 BirdCall2 BirdCall3 BirdCall4 BirdCall5 BirdSong BirdTweets BlackSkimmer BlackburnianWarbler BlackcappedChickadee BlackfrontedNunbird BlackpollWarbler BlackthroatedBlueWarbler BlackthroatedGreenWarbler BlueGrosbeak BlueJay BlueMartins BrasiliaTapaculo BuffBreastedWren Bushtit CanadianGeese Canaries Cardinal CarolinaWren Chacalaca ChalkBrowedMockingbird ChestnutSidedWarbler ChippingSparrow ChopiBlackbird ChuckWillsWidowBird CocoaThrush CommonLoon CommonMerganser CommonTern ConnecticutWarbler CorayaWren CouchsKingbird CreamyBelliedThrush Crow Cuckoo CuckooClock DickcisselBird DoubleCrestedCormorant Dove Doves Duck EasternBluebird EasternMeadowlark EasternPhoebe EasternTowhee EasternWoodPeewee EuropeanStarling ExoticBird FakeBird FieldSparrow Finch FlickerBabies Flying ForstersTern Geese GoldFinch GoldenCrownedKinglet GoldwingWarbler GrayCatbird GreatBlueHeron GreatCrestedFlycatcher HairyWoodpecker Hawk HermitThrush Heron Herons HoodedWarbler HouseFinch HouseWren Hummingbird HyacinthineMacaw IndigoBunting KentuckyWarbler Kildeer Kookaburra Lapwing LaughingFalcon LaughingGull LawrencesThrush LeastTern LittleTinamou LongBilledThrasher Loons LouisianaThrush Macaw MadDuck MagnoliaWarbler Mallard MarshWren Martinet Meadowlark MealyParro Mockingbird MountainChickadee MouseColoredAntshrike MyrtleWarbler NashvilleWarbler NorthRoughwingSwallow NorthernCardinal NorthernMockingbird NorthernWarbler OliveSparrow Osprey Ovenbird Owl OwlEcho PaintedBunting Parakeet Parrot Peacock PeacockShort Pelican PigeonFlying Pigeons PileatedWoodpecker PineWarbler PrairieWarbler PurpleMartin RedBelliedWoodpecker RedBreastedNuthatch RedLeggedSeriema RedWingBlackBird RedWingedBlackbird Robin Rooster RoseBreastedGrosbeak RubyCrownedKinglet RuddyTurnstone RuffedGrouse RufousBelliedThrush RufousSidedTowhee ScreamingPiha Seagull SeasideSparrow ShoreBirds ShorttailedAntthrush Skylark SlateColoredJunco SlatyBristiefront SnowGeese SongSparrow Sparrow Sparrows SpeckleBreastedAntpitta SpottedSandpiper SummerTanager SurucuaTrogon SwainsonsWarbler Swallows SwampSparrow TennesseeWarbler TropicalKingbird TropicalMockingbird TundraSwans Turkey TurkeyGobble UndulatedTinanlou Veery VirginiaRail Vulture WarblingVireo Waterfoul Whipporwill WhiteBreastedNuthatch WhiteEaredPuffbird WhiteEyedVireo WhiteNapedJay WhiteThroatedSparrow WhiteThroatedThrush WhiteTippedDove WinterWren WoodDuck WoodThrush Woodpecker WormEatingWarbler YellowBreastedChat YellowShaftedFlicker


NOTE: All of these 150+ animal sounds ALSO available as ringtones at no extra charge! Follow the directions at

AfricanFrog Alligator Baaa Baboon BabyChicks Bark Barking Barks BarnOwl Barnyard Bats Bear BearGrowling Bee BigBark BiggerDog BirdSongs BlackLeopard BlueJay Bull BullElephant Bullfrog Camel CanadianGeese Canaries Cardinal Cattle Chicken Chimp Cluck Cougar Cow CowBellowing Coyote CoyoteWhimper Cricket Crocodile Crow CuckooClock DancingWithWolves DogGrowl Dogs Dolphin DolphinSqueaks Donkey Dove Duck DuckCall Elephant ElephantRoars Elk Frog FrogCroaking Gibbon Goat Goats Goose Gorilla GrizzlyBear Hawk Hen HenFight Herons Hogs Hornet Horse HorseTrot HorseWhinny HorsesGalloping HowlAtTheMoon Hyenas Jaguar Kennel Kittens Kitty Lamb LambBaby Leopard Lion LionRoar LionRumble LionRumbling Lynx Macaw MadCat Martinet Meow Mockingbird Monkey Monkeys Moo Mooo Mosquito MountainLion NightBug OldGoat Orangutan Owl OwlWhoo PackOfWolves Panting Parakeet Parrot ParrotSqualk Peacock PeacockSong Penguins Pig PigAngry PigGrunt Pigeons Piglet Poodle Puma Puppies Puppy PuppyLove RabidDogs Rattlesnake Rhino Ribbit Robin Rooster RoosterCrow RoosterSqualk Ruff RuffRuff SeaLion Seagull Seal Sheep SheepBaa SheepBaaa SheepBaaaas SheepBaas Slurp Sparrow Squirrel StBernard T-Rex TigerBaby TigerGrowl Toad Turkey Turkeys Tweet Vulture Wasp Werewolf Whale WolfHowl Wolves WolvesHowling Woodpecker


WIN PRIZES! Submit either a funny ringtone file created with one of our TEXT-TO-SPEECH Ringtone Apps or a video showing how you use 100sounds!  Win your choice of cases, earbuds, headphones and more!WIN PRIZES! Submit either a funny ringtone file created with one of our TEXT-TO-SPEECH Ringtone Apps or a video showing how you use 100sounds! Win your choice of cases, earbuds, headphones and more!
Email the file to us, or if it is too big, upload to and email us at to let us know what the filename is and where to send the prize! Prizes include cases from OtterBox or Speck, headphones and earbuds from ZAGG, each worth $30 to $80!
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